Minecraft Server IP : Play.STLcore.com


We are at very early stages of development and are openly exploring our feature set. 

This site has multiple lanes of use.

  1. Game Server Mincraft and others
  2. Blog, a place to share and communicate in a controlled environment. Perhaps everyone defaults to “no”. Then I would simply invite the people I choose to see my content.
  3. Own my Content. You may at any time and immediately package all of your post, uploads and files in a zip file for download to your device. You may also choose to remove all of your data at any time. There are no tricks here. We respect your privacy. Please feel free to review our use and privacy policies. We are compliant with all European standards adopted 2016-2019
  4. Multi Vendor enabled eCommerce platform. A virtual shopping mall model allowing easy access to online selling to community arts, crafts and hobbyist. Attractive interface selling platform that overall cost are supported by the community through donations using terminology like “Don’t forget to tip the house”. Allowing regional craft sales without the high cost of Etsy and other markets. Someing under 10% total work through cost. Most times only the payment gateway processing fees of 3.6 percent plus .20 cents. I noted that on a 8 dollar barrel sale, I was charged 6.2% total considering the twenty cents plus 3.6%. It is our intent to pass cost directly through to clients. We also offer a non payment gateway controlled, paypal, or just “cash on delievery”
  5. Educational Website outreach. From tips to tricks. Do it your selfer’s or just an interested Dad wanting to teach kids how to reconcile a checkbook. Full media type course structures, teacher dashboards, exam and lesson management. So for the simplistic class on how to manage extensions in your browser to full multi-media enriched one hundred hour courses, STLC hopes to empower and help.
  6. ???

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